Friday, September 4, 2015

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Hello Addis! The Jabberwock and I both made it safely. There was a small hiccup with his flight reservation and for a while I was worried we might not make it, but a little "ah sure it'll be grand" at the airport saw us through just fine.

With a 7-hour time difference there's a bit of jet lag to get through. And at 7500 feet, some minor altitude sickness as well. Nothing compared to what happens in Lima La Paz I'm sure, but I can definitely feel my delicate sea-level lungs struggling to extract oxygen from the thin mountain air. I get winded from a single flight of stairs. Even just walking around feels different, harder. This must be what being old is like. I hope it doesn't last too long.


  1. I think you mean La Paz, but congrats on your arrival! Look forward to seeing your commentary on life in Addis.

    1. Yes, La Paz. Another unfortunate side effect of oxygen deprivation is that it causes one to make silly mistakes on the internet.

  2. I was in Quito (9.300 ft) and that's about my limit - never could go up more than one flight of stairs without heavy breathing. Mexico City is around Addis' level and based on my experience you'll (probably) (eventually) adapt to it almost 100%.