Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things I've Liked on the Internet Lately

Good news for Disney: 500 new fairy tales discovered. There's got to be a few more princesses in there somewhere.
The latest from the Nature Is Crazy Files: lethal lake turns animals to stone
How the world looks to cats. Cool, but they forgot to mention that to my cat I look like a walking sack of kibble in a maid's uniform.
A history of "cool". Cool.
Need a jigsaw puzzle with purpose? Help archaeologists reassemble a medieval monument.
Chemistry sets are so 20th century. Today's kids can make cyborg cockroaches.
Chickens eaten at fancy NYC restaurants also ate at fancy NYC restaurants. Part of me thinks this is ridiculous, and part of me thinks it's awesome.
Jokes for nerds. I think #47 is my favorite, though many are pretty good.

Super impressive:

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  1. This is a wonderful testimony to the ingenuity and blessings that come from teachers and those that have a love for empowering others even under the most difficult situations. The miracle of love can grow in the harshest climate if given a chance.