Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome to Ireland!

Jabbers and I and all of my suitcases have safely arrived in Dublin. Accomplishing that - especially the cat bits - turned out to be a trial (on which more later), but it's behind us now and we can get on with the pleasant task of getting settled in our new home.

Our new townhouse is super cute and well situated, and will be a delight to live in - once I get the hang of it. The house has a surprising number of Irish quirks that will take some getting used to. For example, on the first day I called my sponsor in a panic because I had locked myself INSIDE the house. Turns out the little knob on the lock slides up and down, you don't turn it. I also took some very cold showers until GSO explained the intricacies of the hot water system. Irish law forbids electrical outlets in bathrooms (too many electrocutions), so my hair won't ever be quite right until I can get an outlet and a mirror close enough together to straighten my hair without constantly running back and forth. But these are small things. I can't wait for all of my stuff to get here so I can make the place my own.

As if to celebrate my arrival Dublin is having its finest summer in decades - blue skies, sunshine, and temps hovering around 70 Fahrenheit. HEAT WAVE! No, seriously, this is a heat wave here. I could be wearing short sleeves, if I had packed any, which I didn't. But I'm making the most of the good weather, spending the weekend walking around getting acquainted with the city I will call home for the next two years. 

First of all, WALKING. Oh my god. It's so wonderful to live in a city with paved roads and sidewalks and so many interesting and worthwhile places you can get to on foot. It feels quite civilized. This morning I joined a walking tour of foodie hotspots (thanks Amy for the recommendation), so I now know where to get chocolates and cheese and quinoa and oysters and a variety of other delicacies that will make my next two years more delicious. There were a number of Dubliners on the tour who were also making good discoveries and were thrilled to give me advice on places to go and things to do while I'm in Ireland. Everyone here is so friendly! 

I still have to sort out phone service and home Internet and a million other things so it will be a while before I feel quite at home, but so far everything is off to a good start. It's going to be a good tour. 

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  1. Glad to hear you and jabbers landed safely! Can't wait to see pictures of Ireland :) --Rita