Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I've Liked on the Internet Lately

When the cranium-implantable Google Brain comes out (summer 2020?) this is what it will look like.
If you feel icky about having something implanted in your head, just have it implanted in someone else's head and then have that head transplanted to your body. Because we can do that now.
To help scratch that Game of Thrones itch while you're waiting for the next book/season, here are the characters Simpsonized and the Houses corporatized.
If you haven't tackled the books, here's some incentive: even more evidence that reading is good for you.
Let's look at famous people's passports! (SFCO - Safe for Consular Officers)
Olive oil - good for salad dressing and preserving historic buildings.
Next time you're feeling obscene, read this article on the swiftly changing nature of profanity.
A gem from The Onion: Fox Books Files for Bankruptcy

This movie does not exist, but it SHOULD:

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