Sunday, May 12, 2013


I now have just under a month left a post. Sometimes this still seems like a very long time - a MONTH - especially since I have come down with a severe case of short-timer syndrome and am spending my every waking moment obsessing about home leave and Dublin. I think about these things, dream about them, so much that I wake up every morning surprised to still be in Conakry.

But really, when I break it down, a month isn't very long at all. Six more visa days. Four more ACS days. Four Country Teams. Four radio checks. Two more tanks of gas. One more big grocery trip. I may have had my last beach day already, since it started raining this week. I'm duty officer this week for the last time.

In the kitchen I've started to run out of things and not buy more, because I'm leaving soon and I won't use it. The last salsa. The last fish sauce. The consumables I've carefully rationed are finally running out. The last steak. The last Shiner. The things I have in surplus I'm starting to bequeath to deserving individuals who will survive me at post: some sweet tea vodka here, a little fig jam there, some truffle oil over here. (Yes, I own these things. Don't judge.)

And at the same time I'm racking up all of these lasts, I'm also starting to pack the first boxes. It's really starting to feel like I'm leaving.

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