Saturday, May 25, 2013


A few months ago I wrote that nothing strikes fear into a cat like a suitcase. I was wrong. Jabbers fears the suitcase all right, but not as much as he fears moving boxes. Slowly, over the last few weekends, a little at a time, I have been turning his little kitty world upside down. I pulled all the sheets off the extra bed he likes to hang out on, so now he has to roll all over the mattress to get it to smell right. I've moved his little cat palace to the other end of the house where the UAB pile is. And I am throwing everything into boxes and dragging them all over the place. And I haven't even gotten the suitcases out yet; I'm just putting the stuff that will go in them into a pile. 

His Highness is not pleased. He's gotten extra clingy lately, following me around on my packing rounds but taking care to keep a safe distance so he doesn't accidentally find himself packed up too. The movers come next Tuesday and then he'll really be thrown for a loop. Good thing I have an adaptable Foreign Service cat. 

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