Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I've Liked on the Internet Lately

Not gullible enough to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? How about the Eiffel Tower? You wouldn't be the first. (Or the second.)
Nobel-winning economist on horse meat and dwarf-tossing - and they call it the dismal science.
Bored heiress + dollhouses = CSI
For the lawyers and/or Harry Potter fans out there, The Magic of the Law
Two nifty ways to make new technology the natural way - bacterial power cables and spider-silk computer chips
Pictures of kittens improve your concentration. Seriously.
Bored? Try an online jigsaw puzzle. (Sure, it misses some of the key joys of the real thing - like not finding a place for a piece because you've been holding it upside-down the whole time; mashing the little nubbin because you're so convinced that THIS piece MUST fit HERE no matter what the laws of physics and geometry have to say about it; and everyone's favorite, the missing piece - but it's still pretty good.)

Paris vs. New York

Paris vs New York from TonyMiotto on Vimeo.

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