Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I've Liked on the Internet - Olympic Edition

(Because there's nothing else going on in my life right now.)

Michael Phelps has more medals than 148 countries: here's the list. (Guinea has never won a medal.)
Oscar Pistorius will run in the Olympics despite having no legs below the knee - do his high-tech prosthetics give him an unfair advantage?
Usain Bolt left in the dust by an 11-year-old named Sarah.
Find your Olympic athlete body match. Mine is a judoka, and also a dude.
How do you get your horse to the Olympics? FedEx.
Olympic diving is nowhere near as effortless as it looks; you can tell from their faces.
The Olympic swimmer who'd never been in an Olympic-size pool. This story's actually from the 2000 Sydney games, but it's so funny, so painful, and so emblematic of the tiny African country experience that I had to put it in.
Poisonous fumes, pigeon carnage, rioting crowds - 11 of the craziest events in Olympic history

This Olympics has been rough for politicians: London Mayor Boris Johnson gets stuck

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