Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here Comes the Rain Again

Rain and rain and rain and rain. Last rainy season it rained pretty much every day, but only for two or three hours, often at night. And in between rainstorms the sun came out. This year is different.

It rains every day, sometimes for two or three torrential hours, sometimes in a day-long drizzle. Sometimes both. Driving to work Tuesday morning was epic - it was raining so hard I pushed my windshield wipers as high as they go and still could barely see. Even flat, relatively high stretches of road were perpetually covered in water just from the sheer volume of rain being dumped on them, and the slightest dip filled up in no time. Drainage ditches - planned and man-made or cut spontaneously into the bare ground by the force of the water itself - funneled the rain into fire-hose powerful streams that exploded into unsanitary fountains when they hit a wall and flung tables from hastily abandoned roadside vegetable stands into oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic which was already trying to work around a foundering Renault in the middle of the street. As if the driving wasn't tricky enough already.

But more depressing than the occasional aquatic obstacle course on the morning commute is the endless damp dreariness. If it's not actually raining it has either just stopped raining or is about to start again or both. The whole city just feels kind of moldy, and I feel kind of moldy too. We did get a nice sunny day on Monday and it was SO GOOD to see the sun again. I suppose I had better get used to it though. Guinea's rainy season will be over in a month or two, but Dublin is not exactly known for its sunshine. Note to self: invest in a high-quality mackintosh and one of those sunlamps before moving to Ireland.

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