Saturday, July 7, 2012

Making the Best of It

Okay, so Dublin wasn't my first choice. Not my top five, not my top ten, barely in the top half. So it's probably not going to offer much in the way of career development or job satisfaction. I don't really have a choice in any case, so I'm concentrating on other kinds of satisfaction Ireland may have to offer. 
Nice scenery
But seriously, Dublin has a lot going for it. It's a real city, with functioning power and water services and public transportation. I may even be able to walk to work. It has salsa clubs and yoga studios and theaters and museums and concerts and movie theaters and restaurants and shopping. It's in a country that actually has things to see and do on weekend trips, and an entire well-developed tourist industry devoted to helping people do just that. You can rent out a lighthouse. How cool is that?

And when I get tired of lush greenery and historic landmarks and sheep, there's an airport. I can get direct flights to most places in Europe, and if I want to go farther than that Heathrow is right next door. Attention friends at European posts: I WILL come visit you. Brush the crumbs off the couch. And come to think of it, people besides my intrepid parents might actually come visit me too. How novel.

Yes, it is colder than I'd like pretty much all the time. Yes, I will lose my hardship pay. Yes, I will lose my student loan repayment perks. Yes, I will have to wash my own dishes for the first time since 2008 (and really I ought to get hardship pay just to make up for that). But I'll get over it. How can I not when there's so much to look forward to?


  1. I take it that your inclusion of Jonathan Rhys Davies on that list isn't based on actually watching him "act."

    1. Or hopefully change his facial expression. I made it through 6 episodes of "The Tudors" in an ultimately vain hope that he might come up with a second one, and then gave up.

  2. A good friend of mine from Jerusalem is headed there you will have at least one awesome colleague!

  3. You got Dublin for your 2nd tour? How cool is that?!?!