Saturday, October 1, 2011


October. Crisp fall air. Leaves changing colors. Apples and squash at the farmers' market. Boots and sweaters. Soups and stews.

Not so much. This afternoon as I floated in my pool with a cold beverage and gloried in the sunshine and the gentle breeze in the coconut palms, did I feel a tiny smidge of sadness to be missing out on scarves and apple picking? Sure I did. After five years in DC I'd come to enjoy the annual autumnal atmospherics, and I know it will be at minimum two more years before I see them again. But before the shadow of loss could cast a pall over my lovely lazy afternoon I remembered something else: winter. I know there will be a similar afternoon in February (or several) when I lie back in my pool float and thank my lucky stars I'm in the tropics. That may be worth missing out on a fall or two.

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  1. No winter is so severe as to make the indescribable joy of a glorious Northeast autumn worth missing, imho. I'm never as homesick as I am when I'm in some arid Middle Eastern country in October.