Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alors On Danse

Last night I went to welcome party for our new Peace Corps director. It was a great time. Delicious food, excellent beverages (coconut milk and rum in coconut shells, anyone?) and a truly outstanding live band. They had incredible range: African music, jazz, salsa, reggae, you name it. Upon our arrival one of my colleagues turned to me and said, "why isn't anyone dancing?" I replied that the white people weren't drunk enough yet and the Africans were intimidated by the presence of too many white people. I was so right.

This unfortunate situation persisted almost until the end of the evening when the locals got fed up with the wasted music I had enough coconut liquid courage to accept a dance invitation from one of our local staff. Fortunately it was a salsa song so not only did I not look like an idiot I actually impressed the locals with my mad skillz. (Thanks Dani!) Several people came up to me afterwards to compliment my moves and exclaim how surprised they were that an American could dance.

This is why I think they should offer dance lessons at FSI. Not only is dancing fun it's a good relations-building opportunity, and diplomats have to work enough parties that we should have some idea of how to handle ourselves on a dance floor. And at the very least, FSI dance lessons would provide me with a more reliable supply of partners with whom to strut my stuff.


  1. Aarg! Brian didn't get his invite (whether or not that was intentional I do not know), so we didn't go. It sounds like a party that even I, the girl who suffers from social anxiety, would have enjoyed. We are so lame.

  2. That's not a bad idea...