Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, it seems the old blog has come down with a nasty rash of spambots. Either that or I am the hot new thing in the coveted UK-users-who-read-blogs-through-a-variety-of-shady-looking-Russian-sites demographic. So far Blogger's been doing a pretty good job keeping the barrage from turning into actual spam comments but it's wreaking havoc with my precious statistics. I am therefore switching over to moderated comments mode. It may take me some time to approve your comments (especially when my home internet is out, as is often the case) but I'll get around to it eventually. Besides, it's not like I get that many comments anyway (sniff sniff).


  1. /em passes a tissue

  2. on the upside, I guess more people are reading your blog than you think if it is attracting the spam bots...