Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I See White People

On Saturday I made the long drive downtown to the fancy expat supermarket, which was filled with delights. Cheese! Salami! Bacon bits! Not-too-terribly-bad-quality beef! Be still, my heart. It also contained another rarity in my new life: white people.

I see white people at the embassy every day but they aren't "white people", they're Ted and Jason and Lisa and so forth. But outside of the embassy and the occasional donors' meeting I've gotten used to being the only pale-face in the room/block/square mile. My sister Beth told me stories about going to tourist attractions in rural China and finding herself to be much more in demand for photos than the waterfall or whatever, because waterfalls were all over the place but white people were rare creatures. I'm not about to start snapping photos of my fellow Leader Price shoppers but I do kind of understand the impulse.

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