Thursday, July 21, 2011


As it turned out, my job yesterday and today was to spend most of my time lying prostrate and compulsively hydrating as someone repeatedly pushed the self-clean button on my digestive system. Ugh.

I have now experienced the revenge of Montezuma's Guinean counterpart, whom a brief perusal of Wikipedia suggests is Samory Touré. It's not a perfect comparison though, because Touré was in fact little more than a local warlord when the French started moving into his territory. His Wassoulou/Mandinka Empire was smaller than the current territory of Guinea and existed for only 20 years before the French snuffed it out. On the other hand, he was under no illusions about the nature and intentions of the French and put up a lively resistance with more than 30,000 infantrymen armed with rifles purchased from the British. He is still remembered in Guinea today, with a major military base and a neighborhood of Conakry named in his honor. Of course, that probably has less to do with him than with his great-grandson Sékou Touré, who ruled Guinea for 26 years after independence.

Whatever the differences in historical fact, the revenge is very much the same. But the Cipro is doing its work and I should be back to normal in no time. And I got through a lot of my backed-up Economist articles, so it hasn't been a total waste.

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