Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, there was a little coup attempt in Conakry last night. Blocks away from my house, in fact. But I was out of town doing Roving Economic Officer-type things so I missed all the excitement. I was awakened not by gunfire but by a 4am phone call from the embassy, though I didn't get any sleep after that either. I kind of wish I had been home, for the street cred, though not so much for the fearing-for-my life bit. And then I didn't get to send any juicy coup-attempt-related cables or anything because that wasn't my job today. Today my job was to visit an agricultural research center and a women's co-op and a mango juice factory, so I shrugged off my sleepless night and did that. When I got back to Conakry the Chargé said my job was to go home and eat and shower and sleep as much as possible, because who knows what my job will be tomorrow.

I can't complain of boredom, that's for sure.

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