Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Heart NY

As I am heading out to a consular position, my training includes two days of consultations with the fine folks of DHS in New York on all matters immigrationy. This means I get an excuse to squeeze some New York things in between my consultations, which has not been difficult. Outside of work time I have besported myself like a Park Avenue princess, because I'm only here for a couple of days and why not enjoy it? My indulgences have included extravagant dining at Craft and Ça Va, a ticket to Wicked (which I have been meaning to see for YEARS now but never gotten around to), and the most expensive haircut of my life, which looks super-cute, especially with my new geek-chic black plastic-rimmed glasses. I took taxis. I NEVER take taxis.

I still have tomorrow morning to live it up NYC-style before the cat and I and my two giant suitcases head out to JFK for more DHS meetings and a long overnight flight to Paris, where I also intend to have a lovely time for a day before finally getting to Conakry.

My life is so hard.


  1. Argh... DHS consultations. Good luck, my meetings downtown consisted of a bitter INS dude telling me about his plans to run for Congress on an anti-immigrant platform. =/

    Travel safely!!

  2. Mine went okay. Everyone I talked to was very pleasant and positive about my upcoming consular experience, while emphasizing that fraud is rampant in the part of the world I'll be heading to. I was still a little disappointed though, as the adjudications I saw at USCIS and CBP were all pretty dull routine stuff not involving West Africa; I was hoping to see some fraudsters in action but no such luck. Or else they were really good and didn't get caught.