Friday, June 3, 2011


The State Department gives you up to five days to use however you see fit to prepare to move to post. I was excited for mine, during which I planned to get some important things accomplished but also to visit some museums I'd never gotten around to seeing and maybe spend some time by the pool. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Instead I spent my admin days in a tornado of activity: going to the dentist, taking the cat to the groomer, having the vet come check him out, driving all the way to fucking Annapolis to get a stamp on a piece of paper attesting to the good health of my cat, picking up my visa, and shopping, shopping, shopping. Just for consumables I went to six different stores, some of them several times because I forgot something or an item I expected to be at one store actually was not. I have no idea how much money I spent - yesterday I quit counting after $1,500. Thank god for real grownup credit cards with real grownup credit limits. And then I had to lug it all up to my apartment one armload at a time, a Sisyphean task that felt all the more ridiculous because I knew all the stuff I was working so hard to move up to my place would just be coming back down again the next day.

I may have gone slightly overboard. Would my quality of life really have been so diminished if I didn't have any green curry paste or fig balsamic vinegar or gourmet jellybeans? Perhaps not, but this way I won't ever have to find out. In the event that Guinea turns out to be strange and different beyond my ability to cope, at least I know that I will have marshmallows and dried porcinis to turn to for solace (though probably not together).

This time next week I'll be in Conakry. It's starting to get real.


  1. please follow this post up with another entry next week with "this shit just got real"

  2. You're leaving next week?! How did I miss that? I guess we'll just have to have a welcome to Guinea party to make up for all of the farewells we've missed.

    I am so looking forward to reading your posts from post. (I love Claytonian's comment)

    Bon voyage!