Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I've Liked on the Internet Recently

Life has been pretty dull around here for a while. My current training adventure is political/economic tradecraft, which has so far failed to excite. In any case, with departure in 21 days and counting I'm a little distracted, and that's why you get your TILOTI early this month. You're welcome.

Accent shifts. Bonus: an interview with Bill Bryson, one of my favorite authors ever.
Applied physics: the buttered cat paradox.
Reading changes you (I).
Reading changes you (II).
NECROPANTS. Warning: if you had problems with last month's story on fig wasps, DO NOT click this link.
Robots evolve altruism.
The Death Star: a cost-benefit analysis
Religion as explained by science

Your '90s Childhood in Four Minutes:

Oscar Wilde does Jersey Shore:

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