Monday, April 18, 2011


I got Jabberwocky a collar this weekend. He doesn't really need one here but I wanted him to get used to wearing one in case he ever escapes from my house in Conakry, where hopefully the American flag nameplate will alert the 70% illiterate populace that my cat has diplomatic immunity and is not for eating, tasty-looking butterball though he may be. He looks very distinguished and patriotic in it, ready to run for president. Or at least he did for the first three hours, which is how long it took for him to remove it while we weren't paying attention. I expected this. I did not expect him to hide it so well that a fairly thorough search of the apartment failed to uncover it.

My cat is smarter than me.


  1. I have found cat toys buried in the litter box before. That might properly represent his sentiments toward the collar.

  2. I thought of that, but he is apparently not quite that crass.