Thursday, April 14, 2011

Navel Gazing

Whenever people talk to me about blogging I tend to bring up the word "narcissism" in pretty short order, only half in jest. Like any form of public self-expression, the act of blogging contains the implicit assumption that one's thoughts have merit and that someone might be interested in them. If you don't think anyone cares, why go to all the trouble of typing it up? And with blog like mine that's largely autobiographical the act of blogging carries the assumption (or perhaps, the wild hope) that someone might be interested in, well, me.

If I were an insecure sort of person - which I am - I might start to use reactions to my blog (or the lack thereof) as indicators of my worth as a human being. In my previous blog I once bemoaned the dearth of comments on my posts and how embarrassingly much that affected my self-esteem. Fortunately this is no longer a problem for me, thanks to the miracle of Google Analytics.

People read my blog. I know this because Google counts them up for me and displays a bunch of interesting (but non-personally-identifiable) information on them in convenient, comforting graph form. Granted, we're not talking Huffington Post numbers here, but I'll take what I can get. Someone in Estonia read my blog today. (Hi!) This week I'm big in Guatemala. Some people, besides my mom, apparently even read on a semi-regular basis. I am more than slightly ashamed of how much my heart-cockle temperature increases every time I see that graph spike right after I put up a new post, but I can't deny that it does. My name is Meredith, and I am a Google Analytics junkie.

I may or may not have written this post for the express purpose of getting another hit of sweet, sweet internet affirmation.


  1. So if we read something more than once (or at least click on your blog)does it look like more people, or is it each person counted once? I'd be happy to open your blog frequently if you'd like! WS

  2. I'm curious if I showed up on your graph from here in Mozambique!?

  3. Patti - Yes, it records individual page views, but I think they have controls in place to discount hit spam from a single IP address so there's no need to do it.

    Nomads - Yes! Hi!

  4. I thought I'd de-lurk and say hi. You had me with the cat person comment (I rescue).
    Keep on typing!!

  5. do you think google stats are accurate, though? I was excited until I realized that for ex, Google said 10 people viewed a certain post, whereas I actually received 20 the math is just not working out.
    but yes, I've learned that lots of people visit but don't comment!

  6. I haven't noticed any discrepancies like that, but then I don't really have much to compare to. And as long as Google isn't making up fake visitors to support my self-esteem the actual numbers don't really make that much difference to me.