Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Worst Case Scenario

Today's training entertainment was the Security Overseas Seminar, also known as Every Bad Thing That Could Ever Happen to You Overseas and Probably Will At Some Point, and How to Minimize the Damage, When Possible, Which It Isn't Always. I had taken this class before for my last job so I expected to be underwhelmed, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. There were lots of real-life examples, with video footage even, which was much more engaging than the usual PowerPoint slides. I even learned some new things about fire, rape, terrorist attacks, and explosions. Did you know that powdered sugar is an explosive material?

However, I did still find it a sobering experience, which is a major part of the reason we're required to take this course. Life is risky, and it only becomes more so when you take a job like mine and stop being Joe Schmoe and start being The United States of America.  When I got home to my Google Reader this vintage Calvin and Hobbes strip put in an appearance, which I felt was particularly appropriate:

Tomorrow: counterintelligence, WMD, and hostage survival! Oh boy!

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