Friday, March 25, 2011

Everything's Better With Puns

This week of consular training (ConGen) isn't quite as interesting for me as last week was. This week we're learning about immigrant visas, which involve lots of legalese and paper-pushing. (Yeah I know, I work for the government, I should get used to it.) But more importantly Embassy Conakry doesn't process immigrant visas - prospective Guinean immigrants have to go to Senegal - so it doesn't have much to do with my future actual job. I still have to pass the exam at the end of the section though, so I'm doing my best to pay close attention.

One thing I really like about ConGen is the combination of serious content and whimsical structure. Deciding who can enter the country and who can't is a big responsibility. There are plenty of laws and other resources to advise our choices, but in the end someone has to make a call and frequently that someone will be me. It's a sobering thought. And so I really appreciate it when ConGen breaks up the tension by naming a fictional visa petitioner Ivan A. Knicewyfe.

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