Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things You Do For Love

One of the many lovely things about language training is that they give us the afternoon off every other Wednesday so we can use that time to sort out all the personal business that comes with moving to another country. Today I devoted my afternoon to the cat.

Moving with pets presents its own special challenges, as they are subject to a tangled web of overlapping and constantly changing government and airline regulations on all kinds of things, mainly what shots they have to have and when, and what precise pieces of paper are needed to ascertain that the appropriate procedures have been followed. Guinea's regulations are no big deal, but we'll have to fly through Paris or Brussels on the way so the cat and his paperwork will need to meet far more stringent EU regulations also.

After an afternoon of web browsing and phone calls to determine what I need to do (lots), whether the cat's microchip is ISO-compliant (it's not), and whether my preferred vet is USDA-accredited (she is!), I'm almost ready to call it quits and leave the furball with Beth. Jabbers himself has not been particularly helpful in the process, preferring to nibble on my papers and impede my view of my laptop with demands for scritches. But I love my cat, so I'll make this happen.

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