Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain. Libya. Yemen. Belgium.

Yes, even Belgium is getting in on the protest action, though there are some slight differences between the protests there and those in in the Middle East.

While the Arabs are all protesting having lived under one government for far too long, the Belgians are protesting having gone too long without any government at all. Today the country German paper Die Tageszeitung characterized as the world's most successful failed state eclipsed Iraq's record of 249 days without a government as the MPs elected last June still haven't gotten a ruling coalition together. The Belgians, who would like their elected officials to get on with things and do their freaking jobs already, are protesting their lack of government by forming flash mobs, stripping to their underwear in public places, growing beards, and consuming free beer and frites. No tear gas or tanks involved, and the monarch doesn't really seem to mind. While I do think frites and beer might make nice additions to the events in the Middle East, I hesitate to recommend them as tools of the revolution. So far they haven't had much effect.

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