Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I've Liked on the Internet Lately

The Beauty of Maps - The BBC looks at some historical maps and new maps of virtual spaces and the larger universe.
Paula Deen's English Peas - Come for the recipe, stay for the comments.
How did colleges teach young women to be mothers in the early 20th century? With real "practice babies." Seriously.
The Forty Elephants - Victorian London's girl gang
Impossible colors - What they are and how to see them
Physicist + city + data = urban science

Border security fail:


  1. re: caps lock - the rant about function keys pretty much supports my argument against changing the keyboard.
    "the function keys are useless!" the author exclaims, yet I use at least 4 of them on a daily basis (f2 = edit, f3 = search/SAS-submit, f5 = refresh/SQL-submit, f6 = select-address-bar, which stupid microsoft BROKE in windows vista and probably w7 as well), and various bits of software use them for various other purposes.

    theirs is an argument that "i don't use it, it must be useless", which is a sort of logic that annoys me to no end.

    the only button that ever deserved to be ripped out and stomped on was the power button old unix machines used to have right next to Delete...

  2. I agree that the function keys are still useful - how are you supposed to get into safe mode without them? - but the world would probably get along just fine without caps lock.