Thursday, January 13, 2011


After Flag Day I made a conscious decision not to get too freaked out just yet about the logistics of moving myself, my cat, and my earthly chattels to Conakry. I had a good leisurely seven months ahead of me and plenty of other things to sort out in the meantime: health insurance, Christmas presents, French classes, and the like. I permitted myself to put it out of my mind until the new year. Guess what? It's time to get down to business.

The Overseas Briefing Center at FSI has a handy checklist of things one may wish to consider in moving to a new post. It's fifteen pages long. Some of those things I've done already and others - particularly the items concerning children and real estate - don't apply to me. However, even with those omissions I have a good long list of information to track down, paperwork to fill out, items to buy, appointments to schedule, calls to make, documents to copy and stash in safe places, needles to be stuck with, and a host of other things to arrange before I can get on a plane. It's all pretty intimidating. Fortunately, I have a little over four months to get it all sorted out.


  1. In addition, I have an emblem which you must kneel to and a bundle of flowers which you must be showered with. Please schedule these tasks between scheduling appointments and making calls. Also, they must be on completed on the third Thursday of the month which is on an equinox. Go!

  2. You know, for as many logins/passwords as I had to enter to comment on this, you think I could have done so without typos. Poop.

  3. Do I also have to do them at midnight during a full moon and/or while standing on my head? Because that would be a challenge.

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