Monday, January 3, 2011

Hors d'Oeuvre

My language learning experience is a combination of Good French Days and Bad French Days. Today was a Bad French Day. This is partly due to last night's lack of sleep, partly to returning to FSI after a week and a half of semi-vacation, and partly to my new French teacher, Corinne. FSI rotates teachers every four weeks to make sure you get exposure to different accents and teaching styles, and every time I've gotten a new teacher they have upped the pressure 100 percent.

Corinne is a polisher. She's quick to correct the errors in each sentence, almost as soon as I've made them. And if, by some miracle, a mistake-free sentence should emerge from my lips, she asks me to say it again but rephrased more elegantly and concisely. At the end of a month with Corinne I will either have solid 3/3 French or she will have whipped my brains into a terrine and eaten it on toast points with champagne and caviar. Or possibly both.

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