Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Les Devoirs

I love self-study! With FSI closed until after New Year's I am learning French chez moi in my PJs with a cup of tea. Love, love, love. The only downside to this arrangement is that Jabberwocky is under the impression that the reason I am home is to make it up to him for abandoning him for five whole days over Christmas (during which time he vented his wrath by slashing open the cat food, devouring all the cat treats, and destroying our Christmas tree). His atonement plan involves lots of crinkle ball tossing and kitty scritching and general adulation, which has not been good for productivity. It's difficult to properly summarize news articles and look up vocab and such with a feline plopped on your torso demanding pets and determined to give you a kitty-cat facial. Nevertheless, I shall persevere.

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