Saturday, November 13, 2010

Words To Live By

My work life has gotten rather dull since I started language training. I'm not complaining - I love being in school again and the easy schedule that goes with it - but it does leave a considerable gap in my store of conversation topics. Last week I had dinner with some of my A-100 pals who are working in DC for their first tour. They all had interesting things to say about what they were working on and what's going on in their offices; when they asked what was up with me I could only say, "Um, we reviewed pronouns today." BORING.

My French class is actually pretty fun though. My prof is great and there are only three of us, so we spend lots of time reading/watching/listening to and talking about the news. We pick up a lot of vocab this way, and not all of it is about elections and quantitative easing. Here's a choice selection of new words I've learned that will help put me on the fast track to the Wall of Shame*:

un proxenète - noun - pimp
cupid(e) - adj - willing to be bought
une capote - noun - condom
un gazon - noun - lawn, also a derogatory term for a lesbian
un nabot - noun - midget (derogatory)
piégé(e) - adj - booby-trapped
un supplice - noun - torture session

*The Wall of Shame is a page on the State Department intranet detailing some fairly spectacular things FSOs have done to get kicked out of the service and into a jail cell. Selling visas, sex with minors, etc. As you can see, I'm aiming high.


  1. PLease please please send me a link to that site!!! I will totally log on to the state intranet for that!! - Catharine

  2. It's not loading for me at the moment, but you can find it easily by searching the intranet for "malfeasance indictments."

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  4. I know how it feels to not have much to contribute to a conversation. Other than "I read an interesting case today," I usually don't have a lot to contribute to conversations with non-law-students.