Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Post Is Dedicated To All The Language Students at FSI

Still smarting from yesterday's humiliating defeat in French class* I decided I should drown my sorrows in the comforts of beer and schadenfreude. Language students of FSI, take heart! It could be worse! We could be trying to learn what is possibly the most unreasonable and unnecessarily complicated language ever devised by man: English. Whenever you feel like Language X is the most ridiculous thing in the world, peruse one of the links below and bask in the soft glow of gratitude that you got to learn English the easy way.

10 reasons why English is a hard language
"The Chaos"
English is difficult
Why English is so hard

*Assignment: after seven minutes of preparation, speak for seven minutes en français on the question, "Does a society have a right to punish one of its members?" I lasted four.


  1. Assignments like that are making me dread starting french in a few months!

    Fascinating though about English. Who knew?!

  2. For the most part I'm really enjoying French, but every once in a while I just have one of those days, you know? Besides, if you're just starting out you'll have plenty of time before they start to make you get all philosophical.

  3. does stuttering, pausing to gulp water, checking your notes, and looking through the dictionary count towards the seven minutes? if so, *hint hint*! :P

    also, the commenting system on blogspots is abysmal, lately even with turning off ALL my script blockers it still doesn't work, so i shall be approving your posts primarily nonverbally. (you may celebrate at will)