Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Musical Interlude

Last night Beth and I went to see Sara Bareilles in concert with Greg Laswell and Holly Conlan. It was a good show, full of all the things I like best in music: pianos, a cello, and girls singing songs with fun lyrics that are (mostly) in my range so I can learn them and warble them in the shower later. Good stuff.

This show, like pretty much every concert I've ever been to, made me wish I had some tiny speck of musical skill. I took violin lessons for a long time in my youth; by the end of them I had not succeeded in making any actual music, only awkward squeaky imitations thereof, and I was so sick of the damn thing I never wanted to look at a violin again.

The piano might be easier - it's just pressing buttons, right? But I suspect my natural laziness and complete lack of coordination might still prevent me from ever reaching the music threshold. What I really want is to learn to play the piano like people in the movies do: in a video montage, with a thread of piano music playing in the background that seamlessly incorporates my clumsy first scales, my tremulous attempts at "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul", and my final graduation to piano prodigy/soulful songstress, all in about 60 seconds. However, it might be more practical just to wait until we can upload skills directly into our brains through a USB jack implanted behind the right ear. I expect this technology to be available in the next decade or two.

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  1. as a professional computer scientist, i would advise against putting any sort of software anywhere near the brain. it might well teach you to play the piano, but overwrite your awesome cooking skills in the process! i make do with an eye-pod and portable speakers.