Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Future Freaks Me Out

After all the waiting, Flag Day is finally upon us. This time tomorrow I will know, generally, what the next 2-3 years of my life will look like. I will know where I'm going and when. This is pretty momentous. I'm perhaps less stressed about it than many of my colleagues, for two reasons. First, I'm flexible. I don't have kids or a spouse or health problems or CNL points that might make one post considerably more difficult than another. There are a couple of places I'd rather not go - Juarez and Riyadh come to mind - but if I do get assigned to one of those places I can probably grit my teeth and bear it for two years. Second, I've already convinced myself that I'm going to Conakry. I really want it, and no one else is crazy enough to bid it high so I think I've got a good shot. On the other hand, that may just mean I'm extra surprised tomorrow afternoon when they send me to Rome. Or Sana'a. Or Harare. Or Tblisi. Or...