Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For the Cat Fans, a Jabberwocky Update

Jabbers got very big over the summer, transforming from cute kitten to fine feline. He's taking an active interest in my new career, primarily by chewing on anything A-100-related I might happen to leave lying around. He took a nice hunk out of my bid list right around the B's - I'm not sure if this means he's disappointed we will not get to go to Bangkok and his ancestral homeland or if he's displeased with my bidding strategy. He's mysterious like that sometimes.

Now that he's all growed up he's acting more like a dog than ever: he drools when he's happy, he loves everyone, he likes to lick people's faces and he loves to play fetch. Every morning when I'm getting ready for work Jabbers meows at me until I consent to toss his little foil crinkly ball down the hallway with one hand while I try to apply makeup with the other. However, he also relishes going places he knows he's not supposed to be, so his catlike nature may not be irretrievably lost.

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