Saturday, September 25, 2010

Into the Woods Then Out of the Woods And Happy Ever After

I have returned unscathed from The Woods, a two-day retreat in West Virginia for leadership training and A-100 class bonding.  The precise nature of the goings-on at The Woods have been (and will remain) a carefully guarded secret, so I was expecting a toxic mix of summer camp, cheesy corporate team-building, and my last less-than-stellar experience of WV vacations (ask me about the caramelized onions).  The reality was much, much better.

The food was good, the facilities were quite nice, and while the activities did sometimes carry a faint whiff of fromage they were genuinely fun and I had a great time.  It was also nice to have a couple of extra days out of my monkey suit.  The Follies, the traditional student-run variety show, turned out to be uproariously funny.  Unlike my previous experiences with such things at Girl Scout camp and the like, I was not forced to participate in any capacity except my strongest: clapping.  And clap I did.  However,  later in the evening after a stiff drink or two (another key amenity lacking from Girl Scout camp) I may have persuaded myself to grab the karaoke mic and sing "Material Girl".  Dignity is overrated.

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